Friday, March 20, 2009


Have you ever ate something and the taste just lingers in your mouth forever?? You wish you could go back and eat it all over again?? Yeah, the last time I remember that happening was when I was stuffing my face with some greasy, gain 5 lbs if you eat it, fast food. You know, the greasy cheeseburgers, or heavenly french fries. (Yes I used to love me some french fries!!!) Well I just experienced that again for the first time since my weight loss journey began. No, I didn't fall off an cave into secretly driving my car through the drive through. I actually ate something good for me and I wanted to keep eating it over and over and over again. I had SUSHI!!! It was the most delicious roll I have ever eaten. I would take it over fast food any day. It makes my mouth salivate right now as I type this. Can it be true??? Can something low calorie and healthy actually wipe my taste buds clean of the grease bombs I used to devour?? I think it has happened!! (Sound the trumpets and roll out the red carpet!!) It was a caterpillar roll. It's basically BBQ eel, in a roll, with sliced avocado over the top and them a little dab of some hot sauce. I could have ate 3 plates of it. Hey, I might just get used to this whole lifestyle change. 10 WEEKS AND COUNTING!

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  1. We need to take pictures of that caterpillar roll and post it! How about Saturday??