Monday, March 23, 2009


Monday is here already!! Why is it, the weekend goes by so fast, and then the week drags on forever??? I wish I was still at home in bed. My dear husband and my little Logan are at home today, and it kills me to be at work today!!!!

I had a great weekend. I ate pretty horribly, but it's a new day right. The scale was down a pound so it must not have been too bad. Even through all my naughty eating, I managed to come out of it with a reality of my loss and a small milestone has been accomplished. My husand Joe, bought me a new coat quite a few months ago. It was a really sweet gesture and I loved him for it. The only problem was that it didn't fit. It stretched really tight across the stomach and just looked disgusting. Kind of like Big girl in a tiny coat!!

Well, we were getting ready to leave the house and run a few errands yesterday and I couldn't find my polar fleece coat. So I'm rummaging throught the closet looking for it, when I happen across the coat Joe bought me. I thought, well we'll see how it fits and how much more I have to go before I can get into it. So I put it on and go to zip it up. Not only did it Zip up but I have extra room in it. I went running into the next room to show Joe that it finally fits and he just looked at me like I had just escaped form the nut house. He, not ever having a weight problem, doesn't know what it feels like to try and cram yourself into a coat one month and then 3 months later, try on that same coat and have it fit perfectly. So even if I celebrate by myself, I know the accomplishment I have made.

I also went shopping this weekend, and unfortunately only ended up with new mascara. Funny how jewlery, makeup, and shoes are a fat girls greatest shopping buys. I never have to worry about making sure that all my extra largeness can cram into them. They just fit perfectly no matter what size I am. Perhaps, that is why my jewlery armoire is overflowing with necklaces.

I end up taking my neice with me. She is a true girl and LOVES to shop. At least I have her, becuase with two boys and a husband I am basically on my own. For some reason they just don't like going with me!! :) Here's a quick picture of my little stinker of a neice. She had quite the fun time playing with the hats!

As far as eating goes, I am on track so far and putting the weekend behind me. So here's to a great week!!

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