Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm back!

Today is a rough day for me. There are so many of you going through heartache and loss right now, that it makes me sad. I know that grief all too well and it really hits hard today. One year ago today I lost my Uncle in a very sad, unfortunate motorcycle accident. He had climbed onto his stepsons brand new motorcycle and took it out for a early evening ride. Unfortunately he lost control of the bike and veered off the roads and into the woods. He was wearing a helmet, but the impact was more than his body could take and in an instant he was taken from us. He was more than a Uncle to me, he was at times like my second dad. He was there for me during troubling and hard times and always had a shoulder for me to cry on. He was a teddy bear and I miss his hugs dearly. He was always so happy to see me and he always brought a smile to my face. Took quickly we forget to cherish the ones we love, when in an instant they can be gone.

So hug your family and friends and cherish every day you have with them. We never know what the future holds!!

I love you Uncle Jon and miss you as much today as I did a year ago. I'll get that big bear hug one of these days!


  1. Sorry to hear. Sometimes life isn't fair and sometimes life doesn't happen the way you think it's suppose to. Just remember, celebrate the time you did have with him and it's nice after a year you still have a love for him.

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  3. OOPS on the first comment!

    That is sadness! We have a lot of wonderful memories to remember Jon by. The greatest times were when he lived with us. I could hardly keep enough food in the house.Ü He was also one of the only men Lady trusted. me too! This day will always bear sadness for me two-fold! I lost both brothers. Love you daughter!

  4. Sorry your feeling down. I hope you are able to rememeber the good times you shared!