Monday, June 1, 2009


I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last post! Perhaps that's why I fell off the wagon this weekend. I am feeling guilty and beating myself up royally right now, so maybe if I get it out, realize my screw ups, and make the next step in moving on I can stop beating myself up. Take it as a lesson learned and keep on chugging baby!

So it all began with Friday! I was supposed to go out running as I skipped Thursday. Obviously I never went. That was okay though, I could deal with missing another day. I still had Saturday and Sunday to get it in. Friday night the hubby went to "TACO HELL" and bought dinner for us. :( He got me a chicken quesadilla, and 2 volcano tacos! I was a bad bad girl. But it tasted oh so good!!

Saturday I went and bought flowers with my mom and ended up going through the "Taco Hell" drive thru again! I knew I was being bad. So I ordered a Fresco bean burrito and another volcano taco. Again not the best choices, but what can I do. Dinner again was a disaster, as we had no children for the night and went out for dinner. I split a Philly cheese steak and fries with the hubby, had 2 hot wings, half a potato skin, half a piece of chicken strip, and half a mozzarella stick. Gosh I feel like a pig now, as I write that all out!

Sunday didn't get any better! I had a leftover bean burrito for breakfast, a cheeseburger from McDonald's for lunch, and then by the time dinner came around, the guilt had really set in, so I opted for a salad and a fat free hot dog with a bun. I'm sure my calories were all within range for yesterday, but I still feel really guilty for not eating quality food and opting for junk instead. Lesson learned, moving on!! Oh.......and I still never got a run in for the weekend. So 4 days without any form of working out!!!!!!!!! Boy will my trainer be pleased with me!!

Today has been much better. For breakfast I had half a grapefruit and a light orange yogurt. I've nibbled on a few almonds for a snack, some iced coffee, and for lunch I'm gobbling up a light chicken Cesar salad with garbanzo beans and smoked sun dried tomatoes! I'm getting back on track and leaving my horrible weekend behind me. Getting on the scale this morning made matters even worse. Up 2.6 pounds, but my fingers are so swollen I can't get my rings off. Lately they have been so loose I have considered getting them re sized soon. So bad eating = too much salt and not enough water! :(

This has been my first horrible weekend since I began 21 weeks ago. I'm not giving up though and will take my own advice as it just being a bump in the road, and to keep on going. Thanks for letting me vent. Here's to better days ahead!!!


  1. sorry about your bummer weekend....but your back and on track! Im so insprired by your running you will back down the lbs before you know it!

  2. Don't beat yourself up too long. Sounds like you have already taken a good beating from the carbs and the salt. Take notes, learn from it and move on. We all do it, trust me. The successful ones are the ones that realize it and make changes next time. Here's to better days. I know you can do it and most importantly YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!! That trainer will make you pay most likely. HAHA Hang in there, it will be rough!

  3. I've had 2 bummer weeks, so dont worry, they happen to us all. We'll get through it. Just cut your losses, and keep it moving.

  4. So you posted on Monday that you were slacking and now tomorrow is Thursday and we haven't heard from you...I am a little worried. Get in here and let us know if you are kicking bootie of if we need to kick your bootie back on the wagon! Just a little tough love from your fellow blogger friend way down here in Arkansas!