Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getting back to ME

I started my work week out on a good note. I made it to the gym after work last night and it felt wonderful. Never again will I go back to the gym after work as that place was INSANE!!!! There were so many people there. I'm used to going during the day when there's only a handful of people around. Definitely a new experience for me. It was also so very hot in there. Must have been the hundred bodies working out. I couldn't stand it. I made it through my strength training and then took off as I had a portrait session to get to. My goal is to make it there every day this week. I know I can do it, it's just getting my mind to work with me!! :)

This weekend was a great one. My littlest man just turned "3" yesterday and it was kind of a sad day for me. I can't believe my baby is that old already. Time for more????? Don't tell my husband I said that!!!! hee hee! We had a birthday party on Sunday for Logan and he was so dang cute. It was definitely his day. He was so overwhelmed when it came to opening presents. It was like he didn't know if he wanted to open the next present or just rip into the toys he had already opened. The funniest thing of the night was when he was opening a box that had squirt guns in it. He pulls out the squirt guns and his face just lights up. Then he says this " Oh, WOW!! These are bad ass!!!" I couldn't believe it. He had the whole room going. I was a bit embarrassed to say the least. His daddy got in trouble for that one, as that is his saying not mine!! :)

Nothing else new has really been going on. Still busy with photo shoots, work, football and home life. I'll have to post pictures soon of my football nights. He looks so dang cute in all his gear. Hope you all are well, as I have some major catching up to do!!


  1. I hear you on the after work gym rush. I can't stand it! I go early in the mornings and LOVE IT. There are probably 20 people there. All the machines are available. No waiting, no wasting time. I just wish my gym would open at 5am vs 5:30am. I know...I'm a nut for wanting to get in there earlier! LOL!

  2. I would love to see some pics of your little man. Glad you made it back to the gym!

  3. YEA on making it to the gym. I am an AM gym goer too. You beat the crowd that way and it feels so good to get it over with. I am glad you are feeling better. There will be more races down the road. At least you proved to yourself that you can make it to the 9 mile mark, very few people can say they have ever gone that far. It is a huge accomplishment in itself.

  4. Yuck I hate it when the gym is all hot for the sweaty people. Bleh!

    Congrats on the b-day party! And that sounds exactly like something my son would say LOL!!!

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