Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fantastic weekend and some things I learned...

I had the most wonderful Memorial weekend. We headed to Seward, Alaska which is about 2 hours away from home. It a small fishing town right on the ocean. The most beautiful place and if it wasn't so dang small I would live there. But I am somewhat of a city girl, so I don't think that would work for me!! :)

We arrived Friday night and settled in to our camp spot, made dinner and hung out for a bit before heading off to bed. Saturday morning I went out for my 2 mile morning run. My niece wanted to go, so I took her and their golden retriever with me. I don't have a dog myself but am thinking I need one now! She definitely kept me motivated and kept my speed up for me. No slowing down when you've got a pup with you. After my run we spent the day biking and walking all through town. I even showed everyone a few moves Thomas (my personal trainer) has showed me and they loved them. It turned into a competition with all the kids to see who could do the most. By night's end I was exhausted.

Sunday morning I got ready again for another morning run. This time my Sister in law asked to come along as well. She made it about a minute with me and then had to stop. We eventually met back up at the end of my loop, and 3 miles later. My sister in law ended up running for 20 seconds and then walking for a minute or so, and continued this for about 1.5 miles. I was proud of her for doing that and not being a runner. She told me that she was proud of me for going out every morning on a run even while on holiday and that she would remember me for a few days while her legs heal!! :)

The reason I am telling you this is because, I really learned this weekend that someone can be about 70 lbs lighter than you, yet not as physically fit. Another help with my disgust in the lack of scale movement. I am becoming a stronger person in more ways that just through the scale! I was proud of myself actually. I also noticed that doing these walks and bike rides, and my runs was something I enjoyed. In previous years I always hated it when someone would mention going for a walk. I would still go but, it was torturous for me. I guess losing 24 pounds may seem trivial to me but when I look at the whole picture and how far I have come already, I am amazed!!

On another note I have also learned that personal trainers cost way more than the listed price. I paid $240.00 for 6 weeks of training, but am now going to have so spend additional $$$$$ on new work clothes. I'm tired of hiking up my pants!! :) Not that I'm complaining!! Hee Hee!!!

I've got a funny story for you tomorrow!! Stay tuned....


  1. That's the best reason ever to buy new clothes!!! Glad you had an awesome weekend :) Keep rocking girl!

  2. Yay for new clothes and all of your vacation runs! WTG!

  3. Ahhhhhh ~ so now you go for the cliff hangers and keep us waiting! You looked great today ~ your weight loss is showing in your face!! I am so proud to have such a beautiful daughter. My number ONE daughter!! XOXO

  4. How was the 5 miler last night? Yes, I am absolute living proof that if you want something bad enough with dedication and proper training you can get it!