Thursday, July 23, 2009

Full Moon???

So nothing new has really been happening on the weight loss front. Eating has been good, workouts have been okay, could be a lot better, but I am working on it. :) So all in all nothing has changed. I'm okay with that for this week, but I'm attempting to rev things up a bit in hopes that it shows up on the scale next week. I ready to be under 200. Actually I am dying to be under 200. My day will come. Slowly but surely.

The one thing I do have to share is quite embarrassing. I hate a great NSV (non scale victory) today in the fact that my bi-polar lunatic boss actually complimented me. She found out through the gossip vine that I have been running and actually ran 8 miles for the second time on Monday. She stopped me and told me that all my running is paying off because I am looking wonderful. I was shocked, stunned and speechless. She NEVER compliments anyone and most often if she stops to talk to you, you shudder because it's most likely not a very good conversation. I kindly said thank you and went on my way as I was heading out to get some blood work done. As I was still stunned by this kindness I had received, I headed down the stairs, only to reach the bottom of the stairs and have my pants slip completely down to my ankles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was mortified. I quickly hiked them back up while scanning the area to make sure no body had seen me in all my glory.

I had worn my old fat pants (32 lbs ago fat pants) to work today as they are so darn comfortable. The only problem is that they have to we kind of held up when I walk as they like to slip and slide all over the place. In my state of shock, I forgot to hold them up as I was walking down the stairs. Hence the reason I lost them at the bottom. Thank god there was no one around, as I may of had to pack up my desk and look for a new job!!!

My piece of advice, is don't hold on to the fat pants. GET RID OF THEM WHILE YOU CAN!!! :) Mine are fixed temporarily with a safety pin now, so no more falling pants at least for today!!


  1. Haha Get some new pants girl!! You deserve it!

  2. This cracks me up!! What a great reminder of where you WERE and where you will NEVER BE AGAIN!!! I bet those are some comfy pants but it is officially time to retire them. Here is what you should do, nicely fold them up and put them in your closet in a safe place and the times that you need a reminder of where you were or if you are getting frustrated and are not seeing much progress you pull those suckers out and you try them on and you say WOOT at least I don't fit in these anymore and you admire how small you are now. I only say to do that b/c that is what I have done. I got my fat pants down the other day and put them on and just smiled from ear to ear as I looked in the mirror. Very empowering thing to do!

    As for the compliment from your psycho boss...WOW!! Take that one and run with it. Very nice of her, see people do watch and listen to what you are doing.

  3. Congrats on the compliment!
    That is too funny about your pants-but only cause no one saw. That would be highly embarrASSing ;)

  4. Hello!

    I love pic! I'm cracking up even more because I cleaned my closet out again (3rd time this year) and got rid of some "fat pants". Adios, 18/20!

  5. Just checking on you...where are ya??