Monday, May 4, 2009

I died on Friday!

I met with a personal trainer on Friday. I was supposed to meet with him at 1:00 to go over the plan and get in a good workout. Unfortunately we had to wait until 2:00 because the appointment he thought had cancelled unfortunately showed up. (Unfortunate for me, but kuddos to them for not giving up!! I can't hate too much!) So he instructed me to go about my normal routine and we would meet back up at 2. So I climbed onto the bike for 35 minutes and then got on the elliptical machine for 20 minutes. I was sweaty and tired by then and really wanted to cancel our workout for the day.

I then started to feel bad and eventually made my way over to him. Let me just tell you about THOMAS!! He is beautiful, I mean really hot, has a ripped body and to make it even better he makes me feel so comfortable around him that I don't feel insecure. That's a hard thing to get around for me. I didn't care how fat I looked working out, I just did what he told me to.

Can I ask some of you when the last time you did a push up was?? How about a pull up?? Your laughing right. We're fat, we don't do those. Thomas asked me this question and laughed when I told him probably never. He said most everyone he asks that question to has the same response. So guess what Mr. Thomas made me do?? Yep....... freakin push ups and modified pull ups. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I had to do 15 reps of each. Then if that wasn't enough I had to do a gazillion squats with a 25 pound weight, and immediately go into a plank. I've done planks before and wasn't too scared until he told me to go for 30 seconds. Then I had to do it all over again 3 more times. My whole body was a big fat sweaty mess of jello. How could this be. I've been working out for 16 weeks now, shouldn't my body be used to this. The answer is NNNNOOOOOOO! I was working out but nothing that put my body through this. Switching up your workout routine has such an impact on your body. Doing something besides the weight machines really fired up that furnace!

Needless to say, I was a mess all weekend. It hurt to breath, and even comb my hair. Not really, but it did hurt to put on deodorant. Can armpits really hurt?? This man destroyed my body and I love him for it. We meet again tomorrow and I simply can't wait. Bring on the pain Thomas!


  1. You make me smile and laugh! Your progress is showing ~ your enthusiasm is unbeleivable!

  2. OH MY!! That makes my body hurt just thinking about what you did. What a tropper sticking to it.

  3. I want to be tortured by Thomas. Sounds like an awesome workout!

  4. You rock!!! That's sounds both totally horrible and frakkin awesome. Good for you :)