Wednesday, May 13, 2009

With bells on...

I have to share a funny story with you all about the conversation I had with my mom this morning. We were doing our normal morning chat on the phone, and talking about the biggest loser last night. I was telling her that I had to make sure I went for my run early since I didn't want to miss biggest loser. Also since it was on for 3 hours last night I couldn't go afterwards as it would have been too late. So after I get done telling my mom about my run, this is the conversation she has with me!!

Mom- "Daughter, you need to get a bell and tie it to your shoe or something. Or maybe even around your waist while your running!!"

Me - "What???"

Mom - "Yeah, you need to get a bell while you are out running. You know Doug at work rode his bike to work yesterday and he saw 3 bears on the way!"

Me - " Mother!! Where was he riding his bike?"

Mom - "Well here in Anchorage, but there are a lot more bears in Eagle River than there are here. You running with your headphones on and don't make a noise while you're running, so with a bell you could scare them off!"

Me - (Starting to laugh) Well I breathe heavy when I run so that should be enough!! (Snicker) Anyways, I run right next to the highway, I've never seen a bear next to the highway or in our neighborhood, and there's even a big fence next to the bike path. I don't think I'm going to be seeing any bears!

Mom - "Well I'm done worrying then!! When Joey (my son) is older and he buys a motorcycle and is riding it out on the highway and you call me freaking out, I will remind you of this! I won't feel sorry for you!"

Me - "Yeah right! You are a worry wort, so you would be more worried about your grand baby riding a motorcycle on the highway than I would!"

My mother ended the conversation shortly after this. I think she was a little worried. The whole time I am picturing myself running down the path with a big bell on my shoe, or even worse tied around my waist! I bring enough attention to myself just being a fat girl running down the highway, none the less carrying a damn dinging bell as I go. Kids in the near by neighborhoods would get all excited thinking the ice cream man is coming, only to find a fat girl running down the street, dinging and looking like she ate the ice cream truck!!

So no, I will not be wearing a bell when I run Mom!! If I was running in the woods, or even remotely close to the woods, I would wear a bell. As of right now I don't want to cause tons of little kids the heartache of having to wait for the real ice cream man to come around!!
This is my Marathon Auntie on the left and my wonderful, beautiful momma on the right!

Thanks for the good laugh today mom!! Love you!


  1. Cute story.. i guess Mom's just always worry.

  2. Soooooo daughter ~ I am so happy you find such GREAT pleasure in teasing your Mom. This post makes me laugh and I will always worry about you and my precious grandbabies, the same way I will ALWAYS support you in what you aspire to do!!! XOXO

  3. LOL!! So what did you think of last nights show?

  4. HA!!! This cracked me up-the thought of you jingling that little bell down the highway. Too funny :)
    You little runner you! You are so inspiring to me! I will be there soon :D

  5. I almost died reading this Christina.
    Your mom is funny. I loved the ice cream truck bit. It didnt cross my mind until you said it, then i totally pictured little kids being dissapointed that there in fact, was no ice cream truck. haha.

  6. Haha, my mom probably would have driven along side of me, honking or something. Its so strange what people will do for love that in some way, its friggin awesome.

  7. That is hilarious! But she has a point if there is a good chance you could see a bear I might suggest the bell too. HA