Monday, April 27, 2009

5K Heart Run!

So Saturday morning, I was up early with a stomach full of knots! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I just couldn't contain myself. I got everything together and headed out the door to meet my friend Brittany at the race. The unfortunate part is that I got myself very lost trying to get there! I don't know how....... as Anchorage really isn't big at all!! I had to finally park myself in the parking lot and have Brittany come and get me. I was really a mess. I think I was freaked out at with what I was trying to attempt. I mean can I really run 3 miles straight weighing 215 lbs??? I felt like I was going to see myself as a failure and sabotage everything I have been working for.

We finally made it to the race start and picked up our race bibs and time chips. I was number 1538. Probably a number I will remember for the rest of my life!!! We ended up waiting for about 20 minutes before they actually started the run. It really felt like we were standing there for 10 years. It kept getting more and more crowded (6,500 people crowded) and my nerves got more and more frazzled. Finally they announced that they were going to begin. they sang the national anthem (nothing like goose bumps in 40 degree weather. We're talking goose bumps on top of goose bumps here!) and counted down to the start. Here we go.......AAAHHHH!

Before the run!!

So as soon as we started going I cranked up my Ipod and we were off. I ended up losing Brittany and felt bad but I had to keep going. My only thought was finishing my 3 miles in under 45 minutes. I was being passed left and right and really realized that I was pretty slow, but at least I was doing it. At one point this elderly man passed me and he was power walking. I guess that's part of the difference in 6 foot legs versus 5 foot legs!! HA HA I passed the 1.5 mile marker and was amazed at how good I felt. The next thing I knew I was in the home stretch and it was the most amazing experience. Everyone along the way is yelling for you, telling you to keep it up your doing a great job. I finally made it to that finish line chute and gave it everything I had. I crossed the finish in a big ball of tears. I really completed a 3 mile run at 215 lbs. And I beat my goal by 1 minute!!! My official start to finish time was 44:01:05.

After my 5K run!!!

I really did it! I really conquered my doubts and proved that I've had this in me all along. It's just taken a really long time to come to realization........a really long painful time!

My Aunt is a Marathon runner and her and her friend gave me some great advice. It's not how fast or slow you are........ You need to run "your" run!........ One foot in front of the other........ The hardest part is getting to the starting line.

My mother has also been the biggest support for me. She believes in me when I don't believe in myself. She's my motivation a lot of the time as I keep myself going hoping to make her prouder of me than she already is. Thank you mom for helping me through this and always believing I am capable of more then I let myself believe!

My next goal is the run for women. 5 Miles here I come!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. CONGRATS!!! I am so proud of you!!

  2. How freaking cool!!!!!!! Runnig a 5k is a huge goal of mine right now, so this is a very motivating post. Congratulations!!!

  3. That's AWESOME! Go you! By the way, you look great in your after the run picture. I'd be all sweaty and red as a tomato... certainly not as fresh as you do. :)

  4. AWESOME!!! I love your story and I remember being there exactly with my first 5K. I am so proud of you for doing it and you even beat your goal. WOOT!!

    As we always say at, last place is the person sitting on their couch. Always remember then no matter when you cross that finishline.

    You have a great plan to get to your half marathon. You can totally do it, just gradually keep increasing your distance. Is your friend doing the half marathon with you in the fall?

  5. Thanks Jen, I always smile when I see your comments!

    Val, I'm so glad that this was motivating for you. I realized that I can just about anything I set myself out for and I know you can too!!!

    Alea, LOL!! I have a little secret....the after picture was taken about 1 hour after we finished. We forgot to take the picture at the finish line and ended up grabbing it before we got into the car. SSSHHHH, don't tell!! Thanks for your comments!

    Dawn, Thank you for your encouragement! I love your story and watching your videos on your marathon. I think it's amazing. Right now I will be running the half marathon by myself. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for wanting to do it!! I keep searching for a running partner though!

  6. Ahhhhhh my precious daughter ~ thanks for making me smile and cry at the same time. I have and will always believe in you! What amazes me is your will power. I don't know anyone who strives to acheive the way you do ~ and EVERYTHING you do is always over the top. You've been that way your entire life. My firstborn!! Ü I am also so happy that Aunt Teresa is such an inspiration to you, she is a very special person who thinks the world of you. You will never be alone in your marathon runs and when you do the next one and the one after that your boys and I will be on the sidelines cheering you on. I promise!! Maybe we need to get a marathon charm bracelet/necklace going and attach pictures of your Uncles. You know they are always watching you ~ with a smile on their faces. I love you so much and you could never make me more proud than I am. XOXO