Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speaking of running

As I was on the treadmill today for my 2 mile run, this long legged beautiful, tan blond hopped onto the treadmill next to me. At first I was feeling pretty good, thinking at least I'm doing something for myself, and one of these days I'll look like her. Well she starts going and let's just say she was like some running goddess. Huge long strides, looking like a million bucks and running like crazy. I turn to the wall of unflattering mirrors in front of me and am instantly disgusted. I look like some crazed dog trying to get away from the dog catcher. My short height of 5'2'' and 215 lbs does not look pretty running on the treadmill. Especially next to Barbie.

I think I just want to be barbie that's all!!!


  1. You are awesome for being on that treadmill running! WTG!

  2. It may not be pretty, but atleast your doing it and not just sitting there watching her wishing you looked like her and not doing anything about it.

    I give you HUGE KUDOS for running, right now I'm afraid of either my ass hitting me in the back of the head or my boobs hitting me in the face if I even attempted to keep it up! Your doing awesome!!

  3. I work out with a girl who I call "ham sandwich" because I think she needs one!

    She is rail thin, beautiful skin, young - you know the type! :D Anyway, she barely breaks a sweat and talks on her cell phone most of the time!

    Congrats on your two mile run - go girl!!