Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Okay, so today I have two addictions!! And yes, one of them is food. But it's a somewhat good food at least. I am addicted to sun dried tomatoes and light Cesar salad!!! I just ate the world's largest salad I think, and I enjoyed every single last drop of it. Yummy!!!

So now on to my non food related addiction. I have found a new love and a way to push myself. Remember a few days ago (well really it was last week), how I tried out running and gave it a good shot. Well today was an even better shot. I don't know what came over me but I........ are you ready for this, cause I'm gonna tell you.........I ran a full MILE, plus an extra minute afterwards. YYYEEEAAAAHHHHH!!! It was unbelievable. I feel like I just conquered the world. Okay so my mile was a 14 minute mile, but hey I still did it. I had originally started out by walking for 5 minutes and then started my next 5 minute run. those 5 minutes flew by so I thought, let's make it 6 minutes. Eventually after 10 minutes of running, I decided to just keep going and finish out the mile. I got to the mile and decided that for some reason I needed to even it out to 15 minutes total. My mind wanted to keep pushing to 20, but I think my lungs won the battle as they almost exploded all over the treadmill. I don't think all the bottles of equipment cleaner they have could of cleaned up that mess.

But in all seriousness, I am super excited and can't wait to push myself to the next level tomorrow. I remember barely being able to do 15 minutes on the Elliptical machine, and eventually pushing my self easily into doing a full 30 minutes or more.

Tuesday Workout

20 min lower body strength training - 120 calories

5 minute walk, 15 minute run, 5 minute walk & 25 minute bike - 507 calories

Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Total Calories: 627

I say that's a pretty fair workout for the day!!! :) Then after dinner tonight I'll take a walk with my little family. I couldn't post this without a picture and I forgot to take one of my delicious salad, so here's one from last summer. My two boys and me. My whole world!!
Here's to hoping my legs are still working tomorrow!


  1. Yeah!! Maybe you'll be doing marathon's with Aunt Teresa soon! That would be an absolute blast. Maybe instead of Seattle we should go visit her in Denver ~ we can shop there too! I'm sooooooo proud of you! Your brother was bragging you up last night as well. XOXO

  2. ROCK ON!! What an awesome workout! Congrats on the 1mile run!

  3. CONGRATS ON YOUR 1 MILE RUN! I tolerate running, only to mix things up - and 5K is about my limit for races.

    You should be SO PROUD of yourself!!!! :D