Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trying to live with obstacles

The other night I went grocery shopping with my husband so that we could get stuff for our lunches for the week. I wanted everything to be planned out so I knew what I was eating and so that nothing could sneak it's way into my mouth! Well everything was great until we went to checkout. The cute little cashier is scanning our groceries, and I felt like Miss Health USA because everything was clean and lifestyle friendly! We get to the end of the grocery line and the last item to be scanned in is the bag of apples I picked out. 5 to be exact. One for each day. I was happy and excited until I heard a choke, that sounded somewhat like a deep mumbled full on bitch session! Yes, my husband was irritated with me because I spent $5.60 on 5 apples. (FYI - We live in Alaska so cheap fruit is hard to come by, and yes this was cheap for us!)

I JUST DON"T GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to make myself better and here he is complaining about a lousy six dollars I spent on apples! What the heck. He never bitched about the bags of chips, or the $30.00 spent on hot wings, or the countless bags of grease laden, fatty, artery clogging foods that make you gain 6 million trillion pounds. No he has to bitch about the one thing that will help me lose weight.

Never mind the fact that I deal with food temptations and the desire to binge daily. He has to come in and complain about an apple! I want to stuff my face with a box full of Twinkies right there, and I can't even stand Twinkies! *Don't worry, I didn't binge, indulge, or satisfy myself at all! I had a point to prove here!*

Next week I'm going for the expensive fruit. That will really get him going! Hee Hee


  1. I always feel secretly superior when my basket is full of healthy stuff. It's awesome.

    My hubby does tehe same thing! When we go to budget money, he always brings up our grocery bill. I told him since we aren't oredering pizza every friday ($25) or going to Starbux twice a week ($15) I can certainly afford healthy food. The nerve!!

    Stick to your guns honey. And enjoy your apples :)

  2. CRAZY!! Nearly $6 for 5 apples. That is extreme. Poor you with the crazy expensive fruit. SO WORTH IT THOUGH and you make some excellent points. Keep it up. Better to pay for $6 apples now rather than a heart attack down the road. Tell him that Dawn from Arkansas said that!

  3. Yikes those are some expensive apples!! I totally agree on how great I feel with a basket full of healthy choices. I stand in line and wonder what the checkout clerk is thinking LOL They probably dont even notice, but I like to think they do LOL!

  4. Next time buy kiwi's and mango's. That will show him!! Hee hee.